Awassi sheep milk is lactose free

The only sheep dairy and avocado farmers in the world

The only sheep dairy and avocado farmers in the world


Introducing Awassi’s Very Own Flavours

Lockyer Valley Ice Cream

Di and David Piggott, owners and creators of Lockyer Valley Ice Cream, offer a premium range of ice cream, sure to excite discerning taste buds.

While continuing the evolution of their Awassi sheep milk cheese range, Di and David’s cheese factory has expanded to include ice-cream manufacturing.

Times have changed but the fundamentals of creating a premium ice cream remain connected to innovation, high quality ingredients and creative ingredient combinations.

It’s been said that it’s not a day out unless you have ice cream. We hope you have the happiest of days as you enjoy your Lockyer Valley Ice Cream.

‘It’s not a great day out unless you have an Ice-cream’.

All Ice-creams are Gluten free – except the Liquorice ( this will change soon – with a new receipe)
All are made on Sheep milk and are lactose free ( maybe a disclaimer – 99% of people who are
lactose intolerant can have this product). THEY ARE NOT DAIRY FREE – THE MILK COMES FROM AN
ANIMAL. Our full dairy free range will be launched in January – this will be Vegan and Gluten Free i.e
Dairy free.