Awassi sheep milk is lactose free

The only sheep dairy and avocado farmers in the world

The only sheep dairy and avocado farmers in the world


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Join Awassi’s CHEESE CULTURE CLUB, an inquisitive group of cheese appreciators on a food journey like no other. Our subscribers explore the renaissance of great artisan cheeses, the how’s, the where’s and the why’s.


Get a selection of delicious boutique artisan cheeses delivered right to your front door every month.

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We’d Love For You To Join Grantham QLD’s Most Exclusive Cheese Club

Our selection for this month’s Cheese Culture Club are:

  • Grantham
  • Labneh
  • Feta
  • Moroccan Grantham
  • Pepper Pecorino
  • Pecorino

**Special Mystery Cheese**

  • Awassi Fig and Ginger Jam.

Cheese Culture Club

How It Works

On the first Monday of each month, Di, our resident artesian cheesemaker, will choose and hand-cut a selection of her boutique cheeses (average total of 1kg of cheese) for your order.

Part of your selection has the CHEESE OF THE MONTH, which arrives in its very own cheese mould along with its cheese character card full of information.

Included in your cheese box will be a photo of how to display your cheese platter, an introduction of the other cheeses, along with serving and pairing suggestions.

Perfect for dairy intolerant people

Did You Know? Sheep’s Milk…

  • Reduces Cholesterol – Medium-chain triglyceride has been proven to reduce cholesterol and is found in sheep milk.
  • 98% of dairy intolerant people are able to enjoy real cheese made by sheep’s milk, due to naturally having the A2 – beta-casein protein.
  • Very rich in vitamins and minerals, containing up to twice as much calcium as cow’s milk.
  • A small amount of sheep milk cheese satisfies the palate, this also results in the intake of less fat and fewer calories and of course MORE flavour!

Now that’s a reason to eat more sheep cheese !!!

Set It And Forget It

Cheese Culture Club Subscription

Set it and forget it – A subscription service safely saves your credit card details for a smooth monthly transaction. We will email a reminder and your credit card will be charged on the 1st day of the month ensuring your fresh cheese delivery the following week. You have the option to skip a month or cancel the plan at any time by emailing Awassi before the 20th of the month.

Invoice and pay direct – for those who like to receive and pay their invoices via other payment facilities, please ensure payment is made prior to the 1st Monday of the month so you don’t miss out on, what’s in the box…

When do I receive my first Cheese box?
Packages will be sent out on the first week of the month. Our courier delivers to South East Qld, Toowoomba through to Brisbane delivered by Tuesday PM and Gold Coast through to Sunshine Coast delivered by Wednesday PM.

Please refer to our shipping policy for terms and conditions. If your first cheese package is ordered after the 1st Monday of the month it will be fulfilled the following month after enrolment. Unless other arrangements are made with the Awassi Team.

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