Awassi sheep milk is lactose free

The only sheep dairy and avocado farmers in the world

The only sheep dairy and avocado farmers in the world


Taking Cheese to a Whole New Level

Awassi Cheeses

Awassi cheeses are handcrafted in the full sense of the word – from the paddock to the milking parlour to the cheesery. Every aspect of making the finest cheese is under the watchful eye of the Cheese Maker. Did you know that 98% of dairy intolerant people can consume sheep milk products due to fact that the milk is naturally homogenised with smaller fat globules, making it easier to digest than other types. of milk.


There is a taste for every ones’ pallet from our, young Grantham to an aged Pecorino, sweet or savoury, don’t forget to ask Di the story about her Ubriaco – a drunken cheese.


Fresh from the farm… our Cheeses are available both couriered to your door (Sunshine Coast) or direct from farm outlet.

Cheese – ‘A clash of cultures’

The Cheeses made at Awassi Cheesery are made using the milk from our Awassi Sheep. 100% sheep milk, milked daily in the Milking Parlour and made into our bespoke cheeses in our custom-built cheese factory.

Our aging room is home to our cheeses from 3 months to 18 months. We carefully select our cheeses, when they are at their best – ‘age, is of no importance unless you are a cheese’.

Our fresh Cheeses are made weekly and have a shelf life of 4 weeks.

We only use vegetable Rennet and pasteurize all of our milk. The cultures that have been selected to bring out the best flavours in our special milk. Our Cultures are imported from Europe, this allows us to use the best ingredients from some of the best cheesemakers in the World and bring true authenticity to our cheeses.